The How and Why of DecisionGPS

Why is it so hard for merchants to make their customers happy?

In this complex ecosystem, tight coordination among key stakeholders is difficult


⇒Retail businesses have learned some effective coping mechanisms:

Predicting Trends

Merchant intuition and knowledge of market trends is priceless…

First Kiss Syndrome “Frogs and Princes”

Everyone remembers their best and worst moments…

  • DecisionGPS will remember every moment in between and analyze all your historical data.

The [F]law of Averages

While the average is a good way to understand data, none of us can recall product performance at each and every store…

  • DecisionGPS will help you understand every nuance-the why and how- by product, store/cluster, and event.

Learning from Last Year “Lastyearitis”

While it is easiest to recall last year’s data and we all focus on it, we understand that history is not the plan…

  • DecisionGPS has a cure for lastyearitis!

The Safety Net “Stack and Rack”

If you are a planner or an allocator, you understand the two reasons you have so much unproductive inventory in your stores…

  • DecisionGPS will help you set optimal presentation levels & sizes by store, without sacrificing in-store service levels

Marketing Never Gets it Right

If you are in marketing, aren’t you tired of getting yelled at … by everyone?

  • DecisionGPS will ensure that merchants & planners have clear visibility into the marketing calendar, and can account for the sales lift by marketing event – while you stay aligned to merchandising priorities

Don’t be hindered by disparate and disconnected systems. Don’t be affected by differing outcome metrics or friction at process hand-offs!

DecisionGPS understands your complexity first hand. We have the BIG DATA skills, the BUSINESS INSIGHT, and the ANALYTICS. We love shining a light on key Magical Intersections to dramatically improve the decisions that make you – merchants, planners, supply chain, and marketing – great at what you do!